Absolute Abundance - Your Power To Realize A More Abundant Life Now - Matthew F. Bennett


Abundance is a state of mind.
In fact, all of our life experiences begin within our own conscious awareness, for in reality, life is subjective. What makes an experience good or bad has more to do with our perception and interpretation of the experience than the actual event. What’s coming at you is actually coming from you.

This is truly liberating knowledge, for once an individual realizes this to a greater degree this knowledge transforms the inner experience of it from an intellectual understanding to an internal operating system of cognitive ability.

We internally grow as mature, conscious and self-directed beings. The great power of choice becomes our potent source of strength.

This knowledge represents the conscious freedom of choice to operate and direct one’s valuable life in more healthy, beneficial and satisfying ways. True abundance, success and satisfaction are the fruits of this inner freedom, and they grow in the healthy soil of gratitude and sharing with others.

It liberates the inner conscious person from negative physical and emotional addictions who’s accompanying negativities sap the vitality and happiness from our lives.

Everyone is seeking happiness, satisfaction, abundance and love.

Most will chase around the environment in search of these elusive goals which in itself presupposes that there is an underlying unconscious ideal within the individual. Idea is the initial stage of attainment.

Yet from this starting point there are divergent paths, some of which may be far more elegant and effective than others. Like the difference between riding on an uncomfortable public bus and flying in a private jet.

It may be helpful to understand that these goals and ideals are subjective states of consciousness.

Abundance is not my ability to acquire and guard any-thing FROM change, but rather, my realization that true abundance is linked to my inner harmony WITH change, and that I am surrounded by immense amounts of flowing and living energy and information. This realization is true Abundance. This flow represents living opportunity, and opportunity is the gateway to wealth.

Increase the flow and the flow will increase.

The constant change inherent in this vast field of energy and information does not represent loss, but transformation, and transformation is flow, it is currency, it is life, and that means opportunity, fresh experience and new rewards.

The environment is conscious and responsive to the movements of my own localized consciousness and by harmoniously participating in the flow of this vast movement of energy and information I enter into a relationship of true abundance and satisfaction.

Paradoxically, by giving more of myself, I attain more inner satisfaction. Giving increases the flow from me which also opens the channel for flow towards me. If I’m unwilling to share and give, If I’m too attached and unwilling to let go of people and things, I’m choking the energetic flow towards myself as well.

Life will always test our sincerity, and there will always be challenges, but the answer is not for me to build a seemingly protective fortress of money, strength, fame or emotional distance. For all-powerful time will wash all of these away.

The answer lies within my own unassailable consciousness, the deepest ground of my being which is pure awareness, satisfaction and wisdom.

Faith is the doorway to this understanding and realization.

The further growth of this transformation begins with my self-awareness and the elegant governance of my own inner states of consciousness. Whatever is happening to me at this moment is integrally linked to how I perceive and represent reality to myself.

As Bishop Berkeley famously stated “The world is in the mind.”

You began this exciting adventure long ago...

Read your life with a relaxed curiosity and an open heart.

Allow wisdom to effortlessly arise your being. Listen to your heart.

Practice daily it until it becomes a living expression of your own abundant life.

Then pass it on…